PLUS Bend 1.00

PLUS Bend 1.00: Software which automatically calculates the total flat length of bent component. Bend – Bend Allowance Calculation software, which automatically calculates the total flat length of bent component, after the user has fed all the necessary information regarding the bent component, at the click of a button the flat length of the component is calculated. Features Support for multiple components within the same job. Option to transfer the developed blanks from PLUS bend to PLUS 2d, by a single click of the button, for subsequent

DXFTool for CorelDRAW Professional 1.0: DXFTool for CorelDRAW V12, X3 and X4 Professional Edition
DXFTool for CorelDRAW Professional 1.0

The DXFTool for CorelDRAW V12, X3 and X4 Professional Edition is a CorelDRAW plugin that optimizes DXF output for use with CAD / CAM systems for CNC, Laser, Plasma cutter and Vinyl cutting applications. The Professional Edition has exports for LINE / ARC only, Polylines and Polyarcs. The Polyarc export type gives full support for iBend, Accu-Bend, AutoCAD, Vectric V-Carve Pro and Aspire. PlasmaCAM and TorchMate are also supported.

ibend, plasmacam, torchmate, accu bend, optimizer, cad cam, coreldraw, die making

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EngCalc(Mechanical) - Palm Calculator 1.2

BendAllowance For SheetMetal (Bend Radius >= twice material thickness),Classical Kinetic Energy,Earth?s Escape Velocity,Gravitational Free Fall,Linear Motion,Moment of Inertia,Universal Gravitation,Damped Sinusoidal Motion,Earths Gravitational Attraction,Sheet Metal Bend Allowance,Centrifugal force,Speed,Angular Motion,Freq of Conical Pendulum,Relativistic Energy,Simple Harmonic Motion,Newton?s Second Law,Frequency of mass-spring oscillator,U-Bent

symbain calculator, symbain software, engineering calculator, palm calculator, pocketpc, electrical, mechanical, unit converter, engineering software, pocket pc calculator, software, palm, scientific calculator

Bendometer P.S. 1.0: Harmonica software uses mic to learn how to play bends, and songs in tab format.
Bendometer P.S. 1.0

Harmonica software uses mic to teach how to play bends, overblows, riffs, and even songs in harmonica tab format. Learn tips and analyze songs as well.

play, blues harp, harmonica, tuner, riffs, tablature, music, learn, bend

RealGuitar 2.0: Truly authentic solo and accompaniment guitar parts.
RealGuitar 2.0

The true power of RealGuitar lies in 3 brand new technologies incorporated in this innovative guitar performance tool: "New multi-channel layering technology", "The unique Floating Fret Position technology" and "Our original Guitar Touch technology" letting you easily imitate basic guitar techniques (strumming, plucking, sliding, bending, muting, etc..), using standard MIDI keyboard and MIDI controllers, such as Pitch Bender, Modulation Wheel...

harmony, rhythm, plucking, chord, accompaniment, strumming, pattern, guitar, plug in, imitation, sequencer, emulation

Aargon Deluxe 1.1: Use glass, light, and color to put together laser machines in these puzzle labs.
Aargon Deluxe 1.1

Bend Lasers, scatter light, and change color to solve these laser logic puzzles. This addictive game will test your skills on over 180 mind bending levels. Tutorials get you started, but expert levels will test any genius! Features a fully integrated level editor, plug and play level packs, new music and sound, and new 3D rendered graphics. Aargon Deluxe: Are you smart enough?

laser, deluxe, aargon, brainteaser, puzzle

MITCalc - Beam Calculation 1.19: Calculations of the straight beams with constant cross section.
MITCalc - Beam Calculation 1.19

bending moment, stress and deflection of the beam. - Calculation and graphic illustration of the moment, stress, deflection and bending angle of the loaded beam. The application includes a table of materials and a table of area characteristics of W, S, C, L profiles acc. to ANSI/AISC and I, U, L a T profiles acc. to DIN/ISO. Used standards: DIN 1025, 1026, 1028, 1029, 1024, AISC W, S, C, L, LUThis module is a part of MITCalc - Mechanical and Technical

stress, 1028, deflection, din 1025, beam calculation, 1026, straight beam, moment, beam, 1029, bending angle

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